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Total Foliar Fertilization

The Evolution
A simple answer to a complex problem

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Welcome to the BMS Micro-Nutrients website
Since 1979 BMS Micro-Nutrients specialised itself in plant nutrition and developed an innovative product line based on chelated micro and meso elements, and various complete fertilisers all developed especially for the foliar nutrition of al type of crops.
Technical support is guaranteed by a technical staff with broad experiences in the field, not only in Europe, but also in Brazil, the Russian Federation, USA, New-Zealand, Mexico, Argentina, ... Self initiated research and cooperation with several research institutes and official agencies led to promising developments in the field of plant nutrition.
For more then 20 years BMS Micro-Nutrients has been developing a wide range of specialised products and treatment programmes for crops, where the leaf is the preferred, or sole medium of absorbtion of the entire range of plant nutrients.
Thus, BMS Micro-Nutrients developped nutritional programmes for wine and fruit growing, based on foliar feeding.
For other crops, the foliar nutrition programmes allows for a drastic decrease in the need for soil fertilisation.
The nutritional programmes of BMS Micro-Nutrients benifit also the producer by raising the quality of harvested products, without increasing costs or working hours, in addition to which simultaneously environmental pressures are reduced.
Our technicians constantly visit parcels studying the situation and diagnosing possible problems.
In cooperation with the farmer and by means of a computer program called 'Bilan Nutritionnel', our consultants are proposing a personalized nutritional program, adapted to the crops, its demands and those of the farmer, and continuously striving to optimise quality and quantity.


10/04/2014 New product: Azavis MnZn
20/05/2011 In memoriam Lic. Rudiger Camerlynck
09/04/2010 New product: Chelal 3
18/11/2009 Ecocert - Portugal
24/10/2006 New Product Chelal ZeaZinc
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