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The following stipulations and conditions are valid for the complete website of BMS Micro-Nutriens including all applications (such as ‘bilan’). Everybody visitor of the website is supposed to have taken notice of these conditions and to have accepted them without any reservation. BMS Micro-Nutrients N.V. can change these conditions at any moment without any preceding notice. By visiting this website it is supposed that the terms and conditions as mentioned hereby are accepted.

Reliability and accountability
This website is created and made public by BMS Micro-Nutrients N.V.. The information available on this website has been selected and gathered with the utmost care, accuracy and as precisely as possible. Nevertheless it is always possible that some mistakes, incompleteness, faults and inaccuracy still can be found in the website. BMS Micro-Nutrients can not be held responsible and accountable for the direct and indirect damage caused by the use of the information on this website. BMS Micro-Nutrients N.V. has the right to correct or change the complete content of the website without any preceding warning. If you observe any mistakes and/or inaccuracies in the information available on this website you can also contact the webmaster on
Some links on this website refer to websites of third parties, which are not controlled by BMS Micro-Nutrients N.V.. BMS Micro-Nutrients N.V. can not be held responsible for the information available on these websites.

All the information this website (texts, pictures, documents, programs and other information) is the property of BMS Micro-Nutrients NV and is submitted to the laws which protect the copyrights of intellectual property made available to the public on websites. The reproduction and distribution in whichever form it might be (printing, copying, electronic distribution,…) is only permitted for one-off private use. Nobody has any other right concerning the intellectual properties, other then consulting the content of the website. For any other use and/or reproduction and/or distribution of the documents and information on the website other then for private use is strictly forbidden.
It is not allowed to commercialize, to trade, to exploit or to use for commercial reasons any of the information of this website

Protecting clauses concerning Trade Marks
Except when mentioned differently, all the names of companies, logos products and brand names (products ® en TM) mentioned on this website are the property of BMS Micro-Nutrients N.V. (or related companies). They can not be used with an preceding written permission of BMS Micro-Nutrients N.V.

Use of E-mail and personal information
The e-mail addresses or any other personal information gathered via this website will always be handled strictly confidential, and will only be used to respond, reply or react to the directly posed questions or remarks.
BMS Micro-Nutrients NV commits itself not to pass on this information to third parties, but can not guarantee completely that this information can be consulted by others. BMS Micro-Nutrients can not be held responsible is this would happen.
The visitor of the website commits himself to give only correct information and not to break any laws concerning the privacy of others when he is giving information via this website to BMS Micro-Nutrients N.V..

The terms and conditions fall under the Belgian legislation. Possible conflicts can only be disputed in Belgian courts. We maintain the right to change at any moment the content of this website and of the text of this disclaimer.

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